Introducing NZ26

Introducing NZ26.

Ahead of next year’s challenge it seems sensible to introduce the 10km and its 25 tetrads.
The square is centred on Newcastle Civic centre and covers the area becoming know as Newcastle-Gateshead though previously never the twain should meet.
Largely it is an urban and suburban areas, Any semi/rural patches fall into three of the four corners.


The Tyne runs west to east almost through the middle. A smaller tributary-the Ouseburn runs North to south through Jesmond Dene and into the Tyne and another runs south to north through Team Valley.
There are large open areas in the centre of Newcastle and to the East and West of Gateshead.
To date I have probably not seen 100 species in this area, but that’s the challenge.
Anyone can take it on.


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