Introducing Tetrad B

This is not going to be a blog about ‘I went here and saw this’.  I knew that before I started as I am sure you do not need to go through lists of a crow here, blue tit there etc.  I am sure you will get turned off by these weekly ramblings quite quickly.

The aim -if there is one is to share a joy of everyday birding in Tyneside’s NZ26, so rather than list all the birds I thought it might be better to introduce the tetrads.

The thing you need to know about each tetrad is there are good birding areas in each.  The easiest way to get between them is to walk as without doing this you miss things.  I would not have found house sparrows near Elswick Fire Station without that trick.

Tetrad B straddles the river at the western side of NZ26.  To orient you the centre is the Metro Centre -every silver lining has its cloud.  The river Tyne here provides many opportunities to check through the teal to look for Green-winged teal.  Currently with two in the NE -Saltholme and Druridge why not a third?  Obviously if I do find one you will be the first to know.

Until then  4 mute swans flying down the river provided a backing track with the music from their wings. is an amazing resource of world bird song.  Once I have worked out how to embed them properly I will be back with some thoughts on the house sparrows I have found.

Back to B, near Costco there are convenient places to park and you can use the Keelsman’s Way to walk west along the river.  It also helps you find an interesting patch of scrub land which must host a number of migrants and warblers later in the year.

However I was more interested in following the path south along the Derwent River as I need to see where it comes out as I will start walking to work once light nights / mornings make it worthwhile.  The path edges along between the river and a high fence and could feature in the Pogue’s Dirty Old Town.  Mallard were displaying on the river with thrushes and tits in the trees made for an interesting half an hour.  It should be possible to get grey wagtail and kingfisher here as well as warblers by spring time.

Until then 55 species from the tetrads I have managed to get round have lead to 250 BirdTrack submissions.  





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