They’re back!

No this is not a reference to the Ted Hughes poem, I will save that for when they are back. This is a reference to the Kittiwakes on the Tyne.

Bored with hearing about the movements out to sea I had time to have a quick look by the Baltic in Gateshead today.  And yes the Kittiwakes are back.  This is really exciting.  I know I said NZ26 is ‘More than Kittiwakes’ but when they are back and shouting on the Tyne they are back. Fabulous.  Put it on your ‘To Do’ list at the weekend.

Apologies for the poor photo that is now the banner heading of the blog but I will go back and get a better pick over the next couple of weeks.

#81 for the year later followed by #82 when I flushed a woodcock in tetrad u.

they are back

This is the custom built tower off Saltmeadows Road, well worth a look. Well done Gateshead Council.


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