The week in close up.

i don’t know where you got your first Willow Warbler of the year but mine was singing just between Costco and the Metro Centre.  Not unexpected but still a great treat.  The next day it was still singing but a new addition to b was a Pheasant in the same area which is more likely to be runover than shot.

This has largely been the shape of this week.  I should have gone to see the Wheatear in z found by @joe_dobinson but by then had already used up the time I had by walking up to Gosforth Flash in p.  The female Stonechat was still there. I then came back via the cemetery in Longbenton and a singing Chaffinch now makes that a 25 tetrad species.

South of the river I went to all the tetrads except r with the surprise find of a newly arrived Pink-footed Goose-unrung and fully winged in the small lake in Leam Lane.  Things like this should make us question the genuineness of many more ducks and geese that show up for better or worse -Ross’s Goose. Skylark in the highly intensive able field in the corner of this tetrad was pretty good in my books as you will have ready read.

In summary it has been a week of adding numbers to tetrads with f being the first 60 species square. The search goes on for a genuine scare or rare bird, but I am pleased I was unable to give any time to wait for the flyover stork on Friday as it’s probably the escaped one now at Scaling Dam.  However, I must get back out and get more spring migrants as my total of 90 species is now only good enough for second place-in a game I invented.


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