Update to ‘Who Cares anyway?’

for those who read the last blog amongst the threat to migrants I wrote about Newcastle City Council using contractors in the nesting season to take down trees and tidy up Walker Park.

Today I received this positive response  


Given that this has all been conducted over Twitter I will post a longer response if I get a letter back to my letter.  However, I have to say this looks like a good opportunity for an average birder to make a difference.  I can’t get to Walker Park until later in the week but for those of you that do can I ask that you send your bird list to the Biodiversity Officer of Newcastle City Council. Derek.hiltonbrown@newcastle.gov.uk   please highlight those birds that you note that are showing breeding behaviour.

I do see Walker Park as one of the gems in Newcastle City Council’s city wildlife areas.  Long may it remain so.

Thanks as well to Lindsay McDougall the conservation officer of Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club for taking an interest in the issue.


2 thoughts on “Update to ‘Who Cares anyway?’

  1. Good one for people power. Good to read some posts from a part of the world I once lived in.

    It would be great if you would link up some of your posts to WIld Bird Wednesday, a web link up of about 50 bird bloggers from around the world – although we can always do with more! WBW opens on Wednesday morning (!) my time and closes on Sunday at noon.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


    1. Thanks Stewart I will look up WBW I tend to do most of my posts on a weekend so that should be ok.
      I am just doing a Walker Park update but I did feel I got an appropriate response from Newcastle City Council


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