Ragwort Week.

NZ26.  If it’s about anything is about getting out and looking.

I spend too much time just wandering around the Internet, but one place I go to a lot is Caughtbytheriver.  Probably because it’s the kind of place I used to go before there was an Internet.

Quite randomly they have introduced me to the artist Bill Drummond.  And he in turn has introduced me to Ragwort Week.

For those of you who stuck with me through #WorldRobberFlyDay it has a similar function -bringing to your attention an unsung part of our ecosystem.  The differences being, that to Drummond, Ragwort is the breakdown and crumpling of what has been created -Ragwort week celebrates the glories of degeneration as opposed to the banalities of regeneration

With their bright yellow faces they say: 

Fuck all those Council flowerbeds and carefully tended and sponsored roundabouts, with their pretentious flowers and shrubs.  Us Raggedyworts are packing more sunshine in each petal than a whole advertising campaign for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes could ever dream of.  And after we have had our few weeks in the sun and rain we will scatter our seeds far and wide. And anyway, a couple of weeks after us will be our cousins the Dog Daisies and then the Buddleia bushes with all their attendant butterflies. And on and on, all the way until late September when the mysterious Michaelmas Daisy will be welcoming in the Autumn. A tank of weed killer could only ever keep us at bay for a year or two, before we would all be back. Just you have a go.


Bill Drummond May 2011


To me, Ragwort represents a glimmer of optimism in a increasingly built up world.

Seeds light as the breeze

grow in soil unseen

in cracks between


provide pollen

to insects

Giving life to

the air.


But perhaps that’s the same thing.

Hence Ragwort Week

A celebration of nature’s success in our Towns and Cities. 

The avatar of NZ26.

And if you are not familiar with the history of Oxford Ragwort it can be found here.


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