The Numbers for May

The overall total now stands at 110 which is two short of the target I set at the start of the year. The latest being a female Pochard on Gosforth Flash.  It was pouring with rain and as a Grasshopper Warbler sang from under the same sheltering Oak tree I was using.  Not an air punch moment but great all the same.  Others have a few species I still need, but whilst there may be more Whinchats I can probably Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo. 

The tetrad league table looks like this:

Looking at the low level of BirdTrack submissions (694) I have obviously spent too long looking for the boosts to tetrad scores and less on overall numbers.  However, 22 tetrads have had their scores lifted, even Blakelaw.  This has been a labour of love to get this tetrad above the minimum 25 species I set as a target for each square by the end of March.  There is such limited habitat types there it will only be autumn flyovers that are likely to get this higher.

The clear leader is F which includes Watergate Park.  A combination of variety of habitat including open water and the fact it’s easy walk from home means it gets more coverage. Usually it is full of dog walkers but this week I was in a privaledged position of being alone. OK it was between heavy showers that would have got the darling pouches wet, but it was a treat to be alone with dualling Garden Warblers and capture this rainbow.

All in the week that celebrates the birth of Rachel Carson.



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