Sadly the breeding Peregrines in NZ26 will have to wait until next year to try again.  There are reasons a pair might fail inexperience, disturbance or the nest being robbed.  One thing they don’t have to worry about though is thin shells and the eggs never hatching.  The legislation banning the use of organochlorine chemicals took that out of the equation.

peregrine itsmynature

I did not have Spoonbills on my predicted list of birds for NZ26 but the fact that two have turned up so close on Boldon Flats means there is a chance.  The fact they are increasingly seen and even nest in England is due to habitat protection.

Both these are amongst 10 species acting as poster boys and girls for Birdlife Internationals campaign to maintain the protection these species and others deserve.  You have an opportunity to add your voice to the Campaign that will challenge the European Commissions attempt to weaken these laws and impact on the birds you care about.

Whatever you think of the In/Out referendum all your migrant birds that reach Britain come through Europe to get here.  The routes they take.  Where they stop to feed. What food is available. Where they nest. When they are hunted.  All of this happens in Europe.
All of this could change.  The European Commission is considering undermining all the laws that protect nature and wildlife.  All the progress that has been made on Wildlife protection could be threatened.  it’s hard enough now to establish a ban on Neonicotinoides that are impacting on our pollinators.  Imagine what it would be like without these laws as even now this ban is under threat. And if you did not know what a lot of dead bees looks like try this.

You can do something to help keep the laws we have and make a stand for the Wildlife you care about.  This link takes you to Birdlife Internationals My Nature page.  Here you are two clicks away from adding your voice to the hundreds of thousands of people who want to speak up for nature.  They can’t do it for themselves.  Without the legislation in the future there will be less birds to watch. And train spotting will be the only option, not a great prospect.

And if that’s not a enough to get you going try this –EuroBirdPortal.  It’s a bit of fun to watch Swallows arrive and then leave . . .

. . . but imagine if they did not come back.

Ralph Cartoon


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