June scores

After a great first five months where I have really enjoyed birding in NZ26 I hit June.  Not that I stopped enjoying birding but we spent nearly three weeks in central Spain.  Having planned it ourselves, speak little Spanish and are vegetarian there was a lot of cramming in the first week of June.  So apart from a bit in b most of the 60 species were seen in a and f.  Only 172 records to Birdtrack was a small number compared to other months.

However we had a great time in Spain.  Some urban birding around Segovia -Rock Sparrow was the unexpected star find; Trujillo and Caceres for Lesser Kestrel in numbers; Merida for Pallid and Alpine Swift; Toledo’s day time night herons; and Madrid with Robin singing in 40C.  But the star bird and the one I really want to see was White-rumped Swift, three flying together was a perfect start to a great day in Monfrague.

We did all the finding ourselves but stayed with Martin and Claudia Kelsey for the middle week.  If you have not been, go.  If you have been, go again fabulous.  A trip report will be done soon but normal service will be resumed in NZ26 this month.

Now the Autumn is here -Green Sandpiper and Med Gull this week #butnotonmylist.


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