NZ26, start of the reptile list.

We are now over half way to the finish line.  Three people have 112 species thanks to the find of a first summer Med Gull on the Tyne and which has hung around long enough for me to get it.
They aren’t pretty at this age but it was a first new bird since the Pochard at the end of May.

med gull

This in a week when I was able to start a NZ26 reptile list.  I am under no illusion that it was not wild but this Red -eared Terrapin was very wary of people.  I guess when you are the size of a pie and live in Leam Lane being wary is a good strategy.


However, the big find this week has to go to @RevdDavidA.  Earlier in the week it was suggested an NZ26 butterfly list would be good.  If this got off the ground his find of Grayling would sit firmly on top of the pile.  Industrial areas in West Yorkshire do contain an odd few colonies on brownfield sites.  There are some of those in Dunston so trying to find a new colony would be an interesting challenge.



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