Expect the Unexpected III

After the rain the predictable, though exciting prospect of migrants will get people checking the tide times for Holy Island and generally moving to the coast.  Greenish warblers are exciting birds to find, but they are unlikely to appear in NZ26.

Gateshead for anyone living here knows it is built on hills.  Whickham being 100m above sea level and the QE hospital is even higher.  This provides some potential for looking for visible migration.  Or vizmigging if you like.  If nothing else it’s the answer to the question, ‘What are you wasting time doing now?’

It’s not a particularly efficient way of looking for the second Marsh Harrier in as many weeks to go through the 10km square but something may turn up.  

I was hoping for crossbills or a peregrine which was last years treat.  Today it was mainly Swallows going South in good numbers.  But high above them was a redhead Goosander an unexpected addition to the garden list.  

What else goes through NZ26 unobserved?


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