August totals

Well the overall total for NZ26 stands at 130 (I think) even though I have added nothing to my total (#115) but @joe_dobinson has pushed the boundaries of what we predicted at the start of the year (#123). The following are ones seen in NZ26 but not by me. I really must get out more in September
Little Egret;
Whooper Swan:
Osprey x2;
Marsh Harrier x2;
Green Sandpiper;
Wood Sandpiper
Golden Plover;
Bar-tailed Godwit;
Long-eared Owl;
Little Owl;
Short-eared Owl;
Barn Owl;

My highlights this month have included increasing the tetrads with Tawny Owls, flyover Siskins and Curlews.  A Goosander over the garden -it seems a long time since I twitched the ones in Leazes Park. And there were several days after rain storms when Swallows buzzed in really close to feed and I heard young Wrens learning how to feed.

Still looking for that rare bird but the searching has been fun.

This month 437 submissions to bird track for 74 species in the month. Overall 5000 submissions to BirdTrack for 2015, this compares to 5254 records in the whole of 2014.


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