Dream Catcher

In May we celebrated Ragwort Week.  It exists to celebrate the glories of degeneration not the banalities of regeneration.  Another plant that could equally have a week is Rosebay Willow Herb.  With its pink flowers over, seeds now blow with the wind far from their native North America.  Celebrated by Wildlife Trusts as a coloniser, but dependant on man for opening up bare soil, it quickly moves in to inner city waste ground.  Some do not make that journey like the ones trapped in this spiders web.

unnamed (5)

This is a typical scene across NZ26; the hope invested in the seeds is spread across a huge multitude, as many will not survive.  Those that do will bring life to cement dust and areas of general urban decay.

Beginning the week of the second equinox I am gong to have to start giving some thought to next years project as my NZ26 journey will conclude on the threshold of teh New Year.  But in the meantime here are some highlights from this NZ26 week.

Golden Plover the first of the year #117

4 Black-tailed Godwit still arguing amongst themselves on Timber Beach.

Slow flight of swallows like leaves ahead of a gathering storm.

Apples ripening to red on a scrap of no man’s land.  Who dropped the seeds that allowed this tree to bare fruit?

Tree Bees now here to stay.  Queens search out a winter home.

House Martins feeding frenzy above a shallow lake.

Speckled Wood butterflies catching the last of the years summer sun before we creep into more dark than light.


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