Equinox Curlews 

This will not be to everyone’s taste but I have been doing some searching for information about Curlews and I found this.

The song writer in an interview is quoted as saying 

The poet Harriet Tario cautions against the lazy use of ornithological metaphors  for human emotion, but watching curlews on the estuary, I really thought : this is me, digging around in the mud until I find it. I hope that’s not lazy. 

 Photo by Barry Madden AKA Eastern Bushchat 


2 thoughts on “Equinox Curlews 

  1. Thanks for using the pic and the credit. You seem well on the way to setting up your next blog which I look forward to with interest. Is this going to be a yearly thing, i.e. a different theme per annum? Also keep meaning to ask how you find Twitter helping in terms of spreading your gospel to the world?


    1. I do like that pic so you deserve the credit. It may not be a yearly thing but the Newcastle gateshead all tetrads won’t be repeated . Well not by me. I will try and concentrate on better writing in the new year. Only done the front page of the new blog but already got a link to yours as I do like the photos you are taking. Really enjoyed the moth blog


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