September Scores

Observer bias now becomes clearer as Autumn really takes hold in NZ26. The chances of finding that rare wader diminished with the shortening day length. This means the time spent by the river will be shared amongst less watery tetrads. However it is still great fun to watch the tide come in either side of the Tyne -Elswick/Dunston/Costco. The main players being Redshank, Curlew and Lapwing with one or two common seals thrown in for comedic effect.

So time spent in other tetrads is increasing. This is not a perfect science and each tetrads has its own gaps in the line-up. So as I have meandered around birds have been added to c; d; h; k; l; r; and x. Most unexpected this month was a Treecreeper by the General Hospital in Newcastle.

September Birdtrack Records – 297. Total 5297
Number of Species in September 66 out of 117.

Unlike last month I have actually added to my overall total too. So the Golden Plover and Whinchat I have found have taken me to 117, still a long way behind Joe’s lead of 123. Surprisingly, Sandwich Tern has been added to the overall total by Ross Ahmed as it flew around the bend in the river at Bill Quay. This takes the overall score for the 10km up to 131. The species I have not seen include some I can still get and some that are pretty unlikely now that summer is fast disappearing, so I really need some good fly over birds.

Little Egret;
Whooper Swan:
Osprey x2;
Marsh Harrier x2;
Green Sandpiper;
Wood Sandpiper
Bar-tailed Godwit;
Sandwich Tern x2;
Long-eared Owl;
Little Owl;
Short-eared Owl;
Barn Owl;

And still that rare bird eludes . . .

However, RevDavidA comes up trumps again. Having found a Grayling in his garden earlier in the summer he has now extended into a new group of animals his rarity finding skills. Having photographed a Cormorant in the Tyne catching fish he thought one had caught a large Eel. On closer inspection realised the fish in question was actually a Lamprey.



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