6g of wonder.

NZ26 has not missed out this week on the highlight of this autumn.  With hundreds of Yellow-browed Warblers in the country it is not a surprise one was reported on Birdguides.  It would have been a great find and currently tops the 10km rare-ometer.

However, for us mortals this week has been the week of the Goldcrest. It is hard to look in a bush on the coast and not find a black beady eye in a pale green face searching for the insects it needs to survive.  It along with more of its kind in huge numbers have crossed the North Sea.  They may not have travelled as far as a YBW, or be as rare, but NZ26 excels at the common place and Goldcrests deserve a place on the podium for how do they do that journey.


2 thoughts on “6g of wonder.

  1. Hiya, like this post and the video. You almost stole my thoughts about a post and certainly asked the question I was going to ask….how do they do it? Lovely to see so many of these little gems but what happens to them all now? Nearly connected with a fire rest yesterday (missed it by 30 seconds) but hope to get out early next week to see what else I can find….as long as it is well away from the hordes of birders racing around in a frenzy!


    1. weather still looks good for finding your own stuff as well as being on a bus trip. there must be a few patches of bushes you know of that no-one really checks out. Good luck.


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