Who are we trying to fool?

Slowly, the sun drifts down into the mist and dark rises from the ground.  The best I have been able to do this week is grab twenty minutes here and there.  Outside the patch it meant three species of Owl in one field.  Champion.  Inside I added Goldeneye to the NZ26 total of 133 species.

Today its the stubble fields just south of Whickham Highway.  They are small and old fashioned in their scale.  Bordered by thick hedges they have a comfort of wider countryside even though I can hear the A1 being widened.

No owls tonight, but 12-14 Tree Sparrows rush out of a hedge as I slide along the muddy path.  This is a big number for NZ26.  There are only three tetrads where I have had Tree Sparrows and never in a group of this size.  One Yellowhammer flies over.  A number for my BirdTrack records.

I get home.  I am pleased.

During the evening I am reminded of two Tweets I have seen recently.

Contemplation when you’re happy,
is like having a s**t
after you have taken a shower.

The second slightly less prophetic was from @jonnykinson.

Oh how i miss Yellowhammers !!!

He’s right.  Whilst we can take credit for doing something about the decline of Tree Sparrows, they come to seed feeders and nest in boxes.  Yellowhammers on the other hand are daffy-ducked  if we don’t protect the habitat they need.




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