where migrants settle

C –Benwell H. –Fenham. M. –City Centre.

The three tetrads largely follow the middle of the 10Km square from the west right into the heart of Newcastle concluding with a small bit of the Tyne east of the Millennium Bridge, just big enough to keep Kittiwake in this section. These were not high scoring tetrads 31; 33; and 48 respectively. There are green spaces in the outer two tetrads with parks, gardens, cemeteries and areas where terraces of houses once stood.


fen 2

Outstanding memories from C and H were the last tetrad to add Wren to make 25 and a late spring Redwing. The City Centre with its two parks and section of Town Moor were more diverse as the two amenity ponds added species that are not available without water. The ducks and swans contributed to my first NZ26 twitch with Goosander gracing Leazes Park lake. On the same day I picked up a Polish ringed Black-headed Gull standing on the ice. Surprises included Willow warbler with two other warbler species, regular Swallows were great to see and House Sparrows still nest by ‘The World Famous Trent House’.




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