farmland decays into reeds.

E. –Kenton Bar J. –Fawdon I. –Cowgate N. Jesmond.

The north west of NZ26 has tetrads that have small pockets of real birding promise. E has its remnants of farmland; J has the stream and reed beds again on the northern fringe of the 10km square and one of two rookeries; I also has a corner of Town Moor; and N has a chunk of Town Moor (the less interesting part though Snipe were seen) and the top part of Jesmond Dene.

puff ball

Generally, the numbers were low for total species 48; 42; 37 and 46 respectively, but collectively they managed a total of 67. This was not surprising as in amongst the everyday city birds sparkle was added by Willow Tit, Tree Sparrow, the year’s first Swallow, Kingfisher, Water Rail, Sedge Warbler, Reed Warbler, Whinchat, Wheatear, Snipe and Tawny Owl.



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