Arm chair Eco-Warrior -be one before its too late .

I have read you can’t be a conservationist and bunny hugger -you can’t care about species and about individuals. Personally I think that is wrong, but it must take a lot of effort to kill one species with the view to protecting the species you have chosen.

It also takes a huge amount of effort to try to raise the profile of one species where man is taking a hand in seeing it die out.  I have a great amount of admiration for Jonny Rankin and what he has done to make us think about the Turtle Dove in Dovestep 2.  I am not sure I have such fortitude or determination.  Perhaps I may get a bit for Christmas.

Some of us are just mortal.  We are busy people.  Its someone else’s job.  If we loose a few of that species there are more out there.  But all you reading this have a computer.  One of the most under rated tools in conservation.

MorethanKittiwakes was a celebration of all that is wild in Gateshead and Newcastle; not just Kittiwakes for which we are famous as this is the only inland colony in the world.

Just before the year closes there is a request to reduce the Kittiwake colony size in 2016.  Vermont Hotels wants to remove nests from the building next to theirs. The Kittiwakes need your help.  116 pairs will not be nesting next year if they get their way.  You can do nothing as it is someone else’s job.  Or you can object.  It will cost you 10 minutes time to send you views to Newcastle City Council.  On this link  click register on the top line and join more than 100 people who have already objected.  You have until 16th December so 10 more days to express how loosing part of this unique colony will make you feel.

The 232 Kittiwakes who need those nests are currently out in the Atlantic battling storms.  They have no say in having their nest site removed; you do.  In a week when this species was Red Listed due to its reduction in population size become and arm chair eco-warrior.





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