give way to heights

K. Saltwell Park Q. –Windy Nook V –Leam Lane.

The twelve month journey really began on January 3rd I walked from Whickham to Saltwell Park and back along the Tyne and up through Dunston. By the time I had reached Lobley Hill (mile 2) I was fed up dog walkers and wanted to jack it in. At the bottom of Lobely Hill I crossed Team Valley and saw the first of my 13 Kingfisher sightings. It was not going to be that bad after all. Saltwell Park and its lake adds a lot to the species richness which included Spotted Flycatcher as a star find. Swallows and Martins as well as a nesting Bullfinch always made it enjoyable. Why this should be so and Jesmond Dene never was I am not sure.


Some really are too plastic to tick.

Further east and up the hill Windy Nook is the highest place in NZ26 and if I had more time I would spend more time there on good viz-mig days. As it was memories of this tetrad included a Sparrowhawk that allowed close observation as in sat out windy conditions and my only Lesser Whitethroat of the 10km square.

Q panorama

looking North from the highest point you can nearly see all of NZ26.

Further east again brings you to the arable fields of Leam Lane that were largely devoid of birds with poor hedgerows and the built up area again with a pond that boosted the bird totals –Pink-footed Goose being the exception rather than the rule. And this tetrad did give my only reptile –Red-eared Terrapin which could regularly be found on a rock out of reach of children on hot sunny days. 51; 43; and 41 reflected the variety and rewarded the coverage.



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