Taking away places for nature

X. Walker Y. –Wallsend.
There had already been a few trips to Walker Park before I reignited my eco-warrior roots and took on Newcastle City Council. Genuinely its combination of cemetery and unkempt park are a great place in the 10Km to hear the dawn chorus. A number of butterfly species were also of note so when I found contractors cutting down trees during the spring nesting season I was not happy. So lead to some correspondence with the Council which concluded with them saying they would complete the work in the Autumn –after the nesting season. The noticeable casualty being the Ring-necked Parakeets which seem to have moved across to Gosforth. A Treecreeper visiting a probable nest site is an indication of the potential of this site. As the last few metres of this tetrad cut across the river the numbers in this tetrad have been boosted by –Curlew, Redshank, Common Sandpiper, common Tern and absolutely exceptional Eider. Unfortunately it does not include the Sandwich Tern seen by Ross Ahmed . 45.  The work did begin again in the Autumn and scrub that held nesting Blackcaps has been lost. .


Y has Richardson Dees Park and Centurion Golf Course as open spaces.  The former did in November give up a Kingfisher as it flew from a garden at the west end as well as a Treecreeper.  I am still envious of the Cuckoo Joe Dobinson got here.  In the Autumn it was beautiful as the leaves changed colour.

richardson dees


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