ruined by dogs.

P. Gosforth U. Longbenton.

These two squares go together not because they have much in common but only because when I walk to Gosforth Flash (P) I park in Baliol Business Park (U) . U by itself was not inspirational though both winter periods I did try regularly for Waxwing on the numerous berry bushes to no avail. The best places were the cemetery and the Business Park itself which was the only place I got Woodcock, it was flushed from the birch tree copse near Greggs and I am sure I did not look suspicious at all going through there. 36 species

P on the other hand was very different with its wide variety of habitats and almost joining Gosforth Park Nature Reserve it guaranteed Roe Deer on every visit, even during the day time and when there were dog walkers around. The pond added several ducks –Pochard, Wigeon, Gadwall and Shoveller but failed to deliver the waders I had hoped for. The long walk through the tetrad meant high numbers of species on each visit including Ring-necked Parakeets which turned up after the trees were felled in Walker Park so I think these two things were connected. It was the only regular spot for Tree Sparrow and one of 7 tetrads for Kingfisher. Stonechat was only seen here.
Sometimes it was a long walk, but usually it was a great spot especially the day I stood under one of the oaks by the flash while it rained. Also sheltering that early summer day was a Grasshopper Warbler that continued to sing at about 3 metres.  The last visit in November added two new birds to the total too with Pintail and 2 Whooper Swans.
Highest one tetrad visit 40 species with 76 species in total.


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