caught by the river

B. Metro Centre G. Dunston/Elswick L. Tyne Bridges R. Gateshead Stadium

I have never really paid any attention to birding on the Tyne until this year. In 2015 I have been to search for birds several times per week. I love the ebb and flow of the tides, I love the mud it exposes and the waders that turn up. It has generated excitement of Mediterranean Gull, Greenshank, Black-tailed Godwit and Whimbrel. It has also generated spectacular numbers of Lapwing. It has also generated frustration in the number of daily visits it took to get Ringed Plover-aren’t they small? It also gave elements of insight as I watched one Curlew for nearly an hour and opportunities to talk to non-birders about birds.

Away from the Tyne the River Derwent produced Dipper and Kingfisher as well as close up views of herons fishing; one even caught a flat fish beneath the weir. It really is that tidal.

It contains Benwell nature park which looks like the tree museum that Joni Mitchell sung about. The rough ground west of Costco was good for warblers, but has not yet turned up the rarity the effort anticipated. This stretch of tetrads is also the best ones in which to see Peregrines. And all of them have produced Kittiwakes, but there is more to NZ26 than them.

79; 69; 32; 42 species respectively.


River Derwent just up stream of the Wear on a cold september morning.


Looking South across the Tyne to Dunston.  With a scope it is easier to see the waders on the South side mud.  But from here the waders are used to people and give great views.


Looking East down the Tyne into L.  Curlews and Teal give great views.


R just west from where I had a real melt down offering to throw a woman her dog and her husband into the river if she did not get it under control and stop it biting my mates trouser leg.  Surprisingly this worked, it went on the lead.


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