and countryside can be found again.

W -Bill Quay
Last, but by no means least is this tetrad. Only 58 species but the area from the first visit was a true find. In January I was following the Tyne from the Baltic East. Tetrad R after the short bit of Saltmeadows Road brought you back to the river and it felt like proper birding. Then I got to the start of W and there are some small woods between Bill Quay farm and the river that feel like you are in the Countryside. My first NZ26 Stock Dove cemented this feel and I have enjoyed going there ever since.

The tetrad is impossible to do all in one go as half lies across the river, but Walker Riverside Park is also a find and is under watched –for lots of reasons.
There are still some gaps which I should be able to fill from the habitats available, but it is a good week when I can get into this tetrad. One exceptional sighting stands out. Walking along the East edge towards Hebburn the air was full of herring Gulls of various ages shrieking alarm calls and very edgy. Looking up 10 metres or so gave great views of the cause of their concern. Circling slowly and drifting west to east as though it had just come across from Walker was a Goshawk: absolutely exceptional.



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