Top 10 Birding Spots

Top Ten Highlights –places I will now return to bird.
1. Bill Quay. And along to Hebburn Riverside Park. When the tides out it smells of the sea.
2. Walkergate Park and the neighbouring fields, but only early morning.
3. The mud of the Tyne, especially on an incoming tide.
4. Walker Riverside Park. More difficult to get to than Bill Quay but offers a good experience each time.
5. Northern edge of NZ26 with its fields ponds and reedbeds some of which were out of bounds in this 10km year.
6. Swallow Pond Pit heap, but next time I will also look at the pond too.
7. Walker Park, especialy early spring mornings.
8. Tyne Bridges and other places Kittiwakes nest.
9. Leazes Park Lake (winter) and Exhibition Park Lake.
10. Gosforth Flash, but some days it is just a long walk avoiding dog poo.



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