Final Scores

Total in year 135 across all observers.
My total 123, (original prediction 112)
If this was Patchwork Challenge 132 points.

Two campaigns.

Walker Park to stop the bushes being cut down in the spring

Kittiwakes to remain on Tyne Bridge.  960 objections awaiting Newcastle City Council


Bird track records

Total 6479 submissions

Completed lists 259

Number of hours spent gathering data. Probably just as well I don’t know.

Most tetrad visits 27 (f)

highest monthly total 1232 (April)
lowest monthly total 172 (June)

Tetrad with most records 811 (f)
Tetrad with least records 84 (i)

Highest species total in a month 83 (April)
Lowest species total in a month 58 (December)

Highest single species tetrad visit 44 in p (May)

20 species were seen in all tetrads.

Species with the most records Woodpigeon (251 records) followed by Magpie (250) and Blue Tit (249).

year months

Tetrad League table.


League table of tetrads

Records 10km square (a bottom left z top right)


Species 10km square (a bottom left z top right)
Who won the three horse race.
@joe_dobinson 127
@lophophanes 126
@dunnock67 123.