X and Y birding.

This is written without my tongue in my cheek or asking you to sprinkle a pinch of salt on the story.  Walker Park and Cemetery (tetrad x) is a worthwhile place to hear the dawn chorus.  It may change as the spring really arrives but on this particular March day with the sun shining a bit of warmth down to show the Earth is turning it stumped up a respectable 26 species. Most were singing and making it quite clear they were staking a claim to this bit of green space.

The drive through the estate to get there does not prepare you for the sound of bird song when you turn off the engine and open the door.  Three thrush species were singing and behind the church there were still a few left over Redwings.  Great spotted woodpeckers have enough dead wood to drum on and for any photographers interested a female leaving a hole in a Whitebeam at around 6 feet off the ground did allow a close approach.

All of the common resident woodland species that have adopted man-made parks and gardens as their own are here staking a claim to their bit of green space.  And in a week when an article says that it is just as important for children to learn bird song as a foreign language then I can recommend all school kids from the east of Newcastle come to this park.

Oh and for any of you year listers and teams planing a big day in a couple of months this park still has Parakeets.

Tetrad y on the other hand (Wallsend) has its best areas spread over a bigger area and on the same day managed to give 27 species.  Their park has been tamed and coiffured so do not expect he same kind of scrub and bushes.  And when there is a sign to the lake be prepared to be underwhelmed though an assertive Moorhen called it home with a few Mallard.  The bird here though in the dappled sunlight were the Grey Wagtails in the stream.  They are obviously used to people and allow a close approach.  I did not have time to go across the golf course that last time produced Bullfinches amongst other bird.

With a walk through a and down to the lake in f I managed to add Linnet #84 and Buzzard #85.  And with migrants arriving by the day I cant wait until next week.

However I do still need Whooper Swan as I did not get to the two on the Tyne at Timber Reach reported by @gatesheadandbey.