Humble Pie smells a bit like a GBBGull.

After Wednesdays excitement of refinding ‘my’ YLG there has been lots of helpful discussion which concludes with me withdrawing my claim.

The clincher was the following picture

Slaty Backed Gull -Killybegs

No I do not think I found yesterdays Killybegs Slaty-backed Gull but the young bird at the top of the pic.  It looks a lot like what I saw.  As many of you know its a Great Black Back.  So YLG is coming off of my Birdtrack submission both for this week and also for 27th Dec 14.

However, this has just sparked a need to know more about gull ID.  Two websites which will be of interest if you have not already seen them are World of Gulls and the mind blowing Gulls to the Horizon.

One of my weak points for proof is not adequately being able to attach my iphone to my scope. . .until now.  A guide to making a phonescope adaptor may change all that.  It could mean in a few weeks you get to see pics of birds and not just places.

As for the 10km square I have now been birding in 16 of the 25 tetrads and should get to all by the end of the month.  57 species including a willow tit in tetrad E which I pleased with.