The Warbler Challenge concludes.

Also this week many of the tetrads totals have continued to rise with the arrival of more spring migrants.  Note to self:

I should have made the Warbler Challenge of at least one warbler in each tetrad more demanding.  Chiffchaff was heard and seen in 24, but Blakelaw stepped in to complete the set with a one-day wonder of a singing Willow Warbler.  These have appeared in 10 more tetrads so far and Blackcaps being a late show have passed that with 13.  However the star prize goes to one of my favourite song birds Sylvia borin (Garden Warbler #96) singing mid-week in w.

This added to the overall total and was followed two days later by a Common Sandpiper (#97) flying up the Tyne and landing on the bank near Costco.  This felt like justification for going down every day for the last week hoping to see the Ringed Plovers photographed by @RevDavidA.

Perhaps they will be there tomorrow.