Not to late to enter.

NZ26 is a big place with more than enough room to take a few more birders doing a list.  You may have had a new years resolution to join in but it faded quite quick by 2nd Jan.  However, it is not to late to join in.

I was fortunate to bump into @joe_dobinson in ‘his office’ by Swallow Pond.  Having had some discussion on twitter it was good to meet the only other person who doing an NZ26 list.  Between us we have got 80-85 species so that should not be too daunting as they are generally all resident or winter birds.  Nothing so rare that it should make you feel you can’t catch up.  Any finds go onto Twitter and and really good finds will get out in more direct channels.

In fact using my ‘Where to watch birds in NZ26‘ guide, in three weeks and with spring just around the corner you could find yourself well ahead.  Its clear other birders do venture into the 10km square as there is a report on BirdTrack of Chiffchaff in Leazes Park on 19th Feb.

Also there are still good birds out there @gatesheadandbey ‘s picture of an adult YLGull at Stella show you just need to get out and find them.  And in the case of this bird if it could relocate East of the Scotswood Bridge that would be most appreciated.

robs YLGull